Karen S.

I have had relatives staying at Loving Care Adult Family Home over the past seven years. It will be hard to put into words how thankful I am for
the "Loving Care" my two aunts and my Mother received during their long residences there. The caregivers take the ladies into their hearts and treat them as if they were there own family members. They gave better care and more consistent love than I would have been able to do if I had the responsibility of full time care.

With having my family members at this home I was able to enjoy times of connecting with my loved ones instead of being exhausted and out of sorts because exhaustion in caring for them. The friendly atmosphere and excellent care and companionship made the last years of their lives fulfilling and enjoyable. Because the Staff and owner of Loving Care Adult Family Home believe in keeping their ladies until the end if at all possible, my family members felt at home when the end came for them. This has eased the pain of the loss of my loved ones, knowing everything was done to insure their comfort during their life and in their dying process.

2009 Loving Care Adult Family Homes
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