Do you accept Medicaid?
Yes, we do accept Medicaid. We also accept residents that will be later transferring to Medicaid.

Is your staff nurse delegated?
Yes, all caregivers receive training and work under RN supervision.

Do you work with patients that require special diets?
Yes, we cater to all types of special diets.

Do you do insulin shots?
Yes, our staff is certified and delegated to administer insulin shots.

Do you work with patients requiring Hospice care?
We will do work with Hospice programs when our residents need to go under Hospice care.

Do you allow residents to bring their pets with them?
We ask residents not to bring pets to live in our homes out of consideration for others who might be allergic to them.

Are all your rooms private rooms?
We have both private and semi-private rooms. Semi-private rooms are available for those who would like to keep monthly costs down.

What is your visitation policy?
Our visiting hours are from 11:00am - 5:00pm. We are open to making exceptions with a notice in advance.

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